Bill Pigott

4 thoughts on “Contact

  1. hi bill,

    i’m so happy to have found you and leslie. i was just telling jimmy that i always think of you both when i use the big silver thermos from boots the chemist. i’m right back there on the roof in kathmandu, breathing in the sight of the snow lords. so, imagine how thrilled i was to see the photo of your thermos!

    i also loved reading your reflections on covid, and would be happy to send you some of mine if you’re interested…

    we are all well, praise be. vermont is so far the safest place to be in america, at least in terms of the virus.

    back in march i began circumambulating the house and have continued to do it for at least 1/2 an hour a day. it is changing me, i have to say. in a good way. i feel so fortunate to have had the experience at boudhanath and to continue it here in our now snowy woods.

    my love to you both, louise


  2. Dear Bill,
    My daughters have set me a task and presently I am describing my greatest adventure. It had to be my time in New Guinea between 1965 and 1968! I have just started writing about Goroka Base Hospital and inevitably your name came to mind!
    Audrey, Suzanne (aged 2) and I arrived in Goroka in January 1968 and Audrey, Suzanne, Karen and I left in November of 1968. During those months, we met you and Alan Calvert.
    That time, working with Frank and Margaret Smith, provided a unique experience.
    As I recall, there was a red Volvo in your story!
    Kindest regards from us both,
    Franklin and Audrey Bridgewater


    1. Hi Frank. What a delight to see your comment.. if you can send me an email address to I can follow up with an email update on what I regard as a wonderfull adventure filled life. (There is a sort of summary in “fifty years with MB BS” in this blog.). The time in PNG was so significant for me, significant in terms of many aspects of my subsequent life journey. Looking forward to hearing your story also.


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