The Unimagined and Ongoing Consequences of the Things We Do

Unimagined sequelae and their ongoing-ness. Let me share my experience with John Taverners music, “The Protecting Veil”, a piece of music to which I responded some thirty years ago with poetry, as it moved me more deeply with each listening. On one occasion it stopped me in my tracks with the realisation that the composer, … Continue reading The Unimagined and Ongoing Consequences of the Things We Do


"Should-be-ness" versus "is-ness" What curiosity enables in us. Curiosity, or inquisitiveness, allows us to be comfortable with the vastness of human experience. I take this expression from Michael’s feedback on his interviews of his parents, in which he wished to learn from each separately what were their timelines before they became a couple. He noted … Continue reading ‘CURIOSITY’ versus ‘JUDGEMENT’


Responding to a Facebook post quoting Thich Nhat Hanh 20 September 2021: Sitting on the veranda, breakfast and stretches done, enjoying the morning, reading a post from a dear cousin: “When fireworks explode in the night sky, sparks shoot out like flowers in all directions. You are like fireworks. You do not continue in a … Continue reading SPHERES