Responding to a Facebook post quoting Thich Nhat Hanh 20 September 2021: Sitting on the veranda, breakfast and stretches done, enjoying the morning, reading a post from a dear cousin: “When fireworks explode in the night sky, sparks shoot out like flowers in all directions. You are like fireworks. You do not continue in a … Continue reading SPHERES

On “on-the-other-handed-ness”

“Other-handed-ness”, as in “on the one hand ‘this’, and on the other hand ‘that’”, in a world where ’this’ and ‘that’ co-exist, but are often cast as opposites, "other-handed-ness", as in 'on the one hand this is awful', while 'on the other hand that is awe-full', and the two can co-exist, along with so many … Continue reading On “on-the-other-handed-ness”