Locked down or just staying home?

Reflections one Sunday, having morning coffee by the pond.

“Locked-down’ is a notion with all sorts of meanings and colours. I would rather call it for what it is, a Stay-At-Home Health Order, applied to us because Covid-19 cases have occurred in our Local Government area. 

I acknowledge how pleasant it is for us to be asked stay at home, when home for us is a log house in a forest clearing on a 5 acre rural block.  To share our gratitude for this, let me take you for a walk with us through our forest garden, following a Sunday morning coffee by the pond.  Maybe others can share the enjoyment through some photos taken while we walked to and from the bench by the pond and while sitting there enjoying our coffee. Enjoy we did.  May you also.

Pacific black ducks: frequent visitors to our pond

Coffee made with freshly ground coffee in an aeropress.  Rhubarb Spice Cake with rhubarb from the garden. Apple from the local farmer’s market.

Flowers of the Rough fruiting pittosporum, which will by autumn give us a spectacular display of red seeds

Looking up into the branches of this venerable Eucalyptus pilularis, you can see a variety of hollow branches. As we stood there, looking up, we could hear the chattering of Australian Wood Ducks, which we know do nest in this tree.

New leaves on a red cedar

Evidence of wombats in the forest

How blessed are we, and so grateful.

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