‘Fairy-lights’ before Easter

Thursday April 14 2022: Breakfast on our North-East veranda

We face east-north-east, so we are in the early morning sunlight for breakfast.

It rained last night. The trees of our forest are decorated with water-drops.

As we look out towards them, the sun catches each one.

They sparkle. That part of the forest twinkles.

Just like those ‘fairy-lights’ at Christmas-time or memories from when we lived in Kathmandu of how houses there would be decorated for weddings with thousands of tiny lights, as we did to our house to celebrate Leslie’s 50th birthday.

As we look on, delighted with the twinkling trees, the angle of the sun must have changed and some of those bright drops have become tiny prisms, prisms which now transmit the morning light as bright colours, red, yellow and blue. Transient. Brilliant. Verdant.

Such a beautiful addition to the usual sunlit early landscape we have the great privilege of taking in with breakfast on our veranda.

I tried to capture it with some photos.

Transience, brilliance, so elusive, now a memory.

However, the translucence and the morning light are there in some of the pictures with one or two tiny red dots.

Breakfast in the early sunlight after rain. Food for the soul.

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