Podocarpus elatus: known as the plum pine, or Illawarra plum, a species of Podocarpus endemic to the east coast of Australia, (NSW & Qld.); a medium to large evergreen tree growing to 30–36 m tall with a trunk up to 1.5 m diameter. Wikipedia

For our Christmas Tree this year we have a Podocarpus-in-a-Pot, decorated with handmade baubles and ornaments collected during our lifetime of journeys and adventures, always purchased in multiples so that a set could be given to each of our three boys as they proceeded on their journeys.

Out in our forest garden there are other Podocarpi, three of which look much more like traditional Christmas Trees than does our Podocarpus-in-a-pot, one particularly, decorated only with their leaves and ambient light, changing as the sun advances through the day. We looked out on one from the veranda as we ate our lunch and the other was passed-by as we drove out for an afternoon walk on the beach.

Some pictures so show you the story:

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