Advice to self: action I can take

Thoughts arising as we pass through a Bushfire Emergency on the South Coast of NSW, January 2020: I see around me people who are overwhelmed and overwrought, dissipating their energy on things that are beyond their control, blaming others, generating anger which they spray on others, catastrophising and immobilising themselves and at times those around … Continue reading Advice to self: action I can take

EIGHT PIECES: Written treasures or “pieces of eight”

EIGHT PIECES by Bill Pigott Written treasures or “pieces of eight” Wishing to Share Back in 1999, as I prepared to move from Nepal to Cambodia I wrote the following: “In that space between assignments, at rest, but awake and alive with thoughts memories and ideas, I found myself wanting to respond to the many … Continue reading EIGHT PIECES: Written treasures or “pieces of eight”

From 2015: 50 Years with MB BS.

Sydney University 1965 MEDICAL GRADUATES BIOGRAPHIES Bill Pigott’s Five Decades with his MB BS: Medicine has given me a marvellous 50 years. Back in January 1965, who’d have thought it would lead me to remote and troubled corners of the world, meeting Kings  and Prime Ministers, persuading Ministers of Health to do the right thing, … Continue reading From 2015: 50 Years with MB BS.

sunrise on seven mile beach

sunrise on seven mile beach earth turns.sea horizon slipsout of its own shadow,into sunrise. one sphere spins;the other gives day its energyand light for its shadows later another horizonslips back into its own shadow, resting for the morrow. camping on a beach long before,from sunset to sunriseto sunset and beyond;day became an ever setting sunrise … Continue reading sunrise on seven mile beach